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6 Benefits to Commercial Cleaning Services

November 18, 2019

Commercial Cleaning Services

As a customer, how many times have you told yourself, "this place has an amazing [insert product], but I will never go there again? My shoes stuck to the floor, there was trash all over the place, and don't even get me started on those bathrooms."

It does not matter if you sell the best product out there. The fact is if you have a dirty business space people will not want to buy your product.

When a business sells goods, they have to be on top of their game - with everything. The service or product alone will not guarantee customer purchases or their satisfaction. It is not just about selling your product, but overall selling your business.

Presentation and appearance of your offices, restaurants, spas, banks, whatever your business may be or wherever your business is located must be up to par with your product as well.

Now I shall whisk you away to immediate relief by explaining what these professional cleaners offer as commercial cleaning services and how they will be beneficial to you.

Commercial Cleaning Services Offered Are:

Janitorial Services
- anything & everything you can think of is covered

- just had a storm (literally & metaphorically) come through?
No worries.

By Industry
- any & all businesses matter to Ewas.

It does not matter what your cleaning needs and wants are. They will be met at exceptional levels.

Janitorial Services

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"What is that disgusting stench in here? Come on, we are leaving." These are words no business ever wants to hear.

Luckily you don't have to worry about that. There are resources literally at the tip of your fingers to eliminate those fears for you.

Ewas offers many different options for janitorial services like:
- cleaning floors
- shampooing rugs
- washing walls
- cleaning up debris from the sidewalk
- taking out trash
- washing windows
- cleaning bathrooms
- vacuuming upholstery
- and much more

There is even a possibility of having management notified of any repairs when they are needed. Top-notch cleaners and courteous! How could you beat that?!

You simply cannot. If you thought things couldn't possibly get better, you will be happily mistaken. They DO! Not only do they offer all these janitorial services, but they are offered at any time you need them.

If you want them in the early hours before any customers or employees come in - they will be there.
If you want them during slow hours to tidy up after a rush - they will be there.
If you want them to show up in late evenings after everyone has left, but with the mess of the day leftover - you guessed it, they will be there.

Project-Based Cleaning

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What is project-based cleaning exactly?
It is a fairly broad term. Any project that you can think of will be under this term.
* Summertime cleanse
* Holiday party
* Spring cleaning
* Surprise incidents

Of course, not all project-based cleanings are planned. There are those few surprise accidents that do occur. Don't stress over unexpected wreckage. Ewas will be there for your cleaning needs, no matter the size.

Whether it is only a one-time cleaning need (which really when is there ever a one-time cleansing need?), or you have special events to prepare for. Ewas can get any job done for you.

It is important to not let your facility fall in the pit of disgusted customers and bad reviews, because (as you see above) it could have detrimental damage to your business.

Commercial cleaning services

By Industry

Any business owner has the opportunity to further their endeavors by utilizing its resources.

Do not overwork your staff or yourself by trying to add cleaning to an already large workload. Employee performance will be affected and eventually decline. This is no good for them, for you, nor your business.

In an article for Small Business Trends, they state that '82% of employees reported feeling overworked.' They eventually feel burnout, which affects their morale. This then can result in staff and consumer retention.

Do not risk this by trying to save a buck. Ewas professional cleaners will take care of you and not break the bank. Whatever your business may be, it is not too big or too small for them.

It's like the quote, "A person's a person, no matter how small." Yes, I just quoted Dr. Seuss. Although in this case, it would read, 'A business is a business, no matter how small (or big).'

To Ewas, you and your business matters.

These professionals know that each business or industry have their distinct styles and cleaning essentials. That is why they make sure to set up a meeting with you to discuss what it is you need them to do.

At this meeting you all will talk about what your specific cleaning needs and wants are, the expectations you will have set for Ewas, and what Ewas will do to ensure that they meet your expectations.

Thus, leaving you with this amazing customizable approach by them.

Pre-Home-Sale Closing

Commercial Cleaning Services:
Benefits for YOU

Picture this 'garbage overflowing out of the trash bin, stained carpets, dust particles blanketing tabletops, and a musty smell that you can't quite figure out where it is coming from.'

Is this a place you would want to stay more than 5 minutes in?
Probably not.
This is the first obvious benefit for you. You will not have customers turn away due to this unsightly image of your facility.

In a previous article I wrote, I provided a fun fact stating, 'without having your home regularly cleaned that you could be at a higher risk of becoming sick.'

This is true for commercial facilities as well. Even more so I would say since there is a much higher volume of people coming in and out. They could be carrying who knows what type of germs on them.
So, it is fair to say that cleaning your facility has two benefits here.

Customers are not getting sick from your location.
Thus, you are not losing business - AND
Employees are not becoming sick.
That means no call-offs. You have healthy employees happy to work in a safe, clean environment.

Have you ever heard the saying, "Be good, do good, see good?"

If not that is okay, no need to go look it up now. When conducting the cleanliness portion of your business, you can BE GOOD by having professional cleaners come to clean your facility.

Ewas professionals are DOing GOOD at the job they were hired to do. You will SEE GOOD in your customer's appreciation. As well as SEE GOOD in your employees.

This brings me to the next benefit. Your employees will be in high spirits due to working in a wonderful clean place. These high spirits will increase their work performance too. Thus, you are killing two birds with one stone.

Finally, Commercial Cleaning Services Can Give You Relief Now

Relief to know that you have so many benefits to look forward to:

  • Many different janitorial services at your disposal
  • Customizable commercial cleaning services
  • Thriving business
  • Happy customers
  • Cheerful hardworking staff
  • Peace of mind

So, who ya gonna call??
No no - not GhostBusters.


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