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Easy Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

January 29, 2020

Bathroom Cleaning

It is time to deep clean that bathroom! I know it is a horrible time but it can be made easier. How you may ask?

Use a bathroom cleaning checklist.

I had mentioned in a previous post that a checklist is great for motivating us to get work done. What I hadn’t included was that checklists are also helpful for not forgetting things. If you are like me it is easy to have items slip from my mind, a checklist will not allow you to forget.

In these next few minutes, you will see the list, that is available to be printed, and helpful tips for how to get this done.

So get that printable bathroom cleaning checklist, some cleaning supplies, and great tunes and we’ll get started.

It's Potty Time!!
(Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

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Easy Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

One of the dirtiest areas in our home is the bathroom. It gets used (sometimes heavily-no judgment here) daily, so it is important to give it a good cleaning at least once a week. Though, some areas need to be cleaned more frequently depending on your living situation.

For example, moms' that gave birth to little Tasmanian Devils that have no aim may want to clean toilets and the surrounding area more often.


  • Get showerhead submerged in a DIY solution or other favorite cleaners (do this the night before ‘cleaning day’)
  • Remove solution & run shower to rinse off
  • Spray cleaner of your choice & scrub shower walls
  • Spray cleaner of your choice & scrub inside & outside of the tub
  • Wash shower liner & curtains, if needed


  • Remove all items from the top of sink & counter
  • Wash all mirrors
  • Dust off counter & sink area
  • Wipe down counter, sink, & faucets
  • Clean off all removed items & place them back where you want  


  • Remove toilet floor mats & covers
  • Wash or vacuum toilet floor mats & covers
  • Dust top of the toilet tank lid, backing, & bottom section (all over!)
  • Use toilet bowl cleaner* & brush to scrub inside the toilet
  • Wipe toilet handle, tank, & lid
  • Clean backing, toilet seat, lid, & along sides of bowl on down


  • Remove & clean any bath mats
  • Remove any other bathroom floor items (trash bins, magazines, etc.)
  • Sweep the floor (or vacuum if you happen to have carpet in there)
  • Mop floor
  • Wipe off baseboards

Tips to Make Cleaning Go ... Smoothly

This list is pretty straight forward but if you were looking for more explanations, tips, and greener options then continue reading on.

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The night before you start your cleaning, use this DIY solution to get the grime off your showerhead. FrugallySustainable provides excellent instructions and lists all the items you will need (only 4 items).

After your beauty rest remove the plastic bag from your showerhead, wipe off and run water for about 3 minutes.

As you know there are many different cleaners available for cleaning inside your shower/tub. I use Scrubbing Bubbles foaming bathroom grime cleaner but you can use whatever you like best. Follow the instructions on whatever bottle you use.

To wash your shower liner: wash it on delicate and place a towel in with it to help scrub off mildew and soap scum.

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When cleaning your mirrors start from top to bottom. If any streaks start to come down this will help limit clean up. Though Len the Plumber says a light mist will do just fine. He gives different dos and don’ts for cleaning mirrors.

I simply use disinfectant wipes to clean my counter. You can use any cleaner you prefer though. For the sink and faucet, I again will use the Scrubbing Bubbles, let sit, and wipe away with a cloth.

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When I say to dust all over on the toilet, I mean ALL OVER. Removing this hair, dander, and dust will make cleaning with the wet cleaning product much easier.

I love going to the 99₵ store to get Lime-Away toilet cleaner but there are other good ones out there as well. Again, let this sit a bit before you scrub away. FrugabllySustainable has a homemade toilet cleaner as well.

Likewise, using disinfectant wipes works well for the outer surface of the toilet.

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Floors are the dirtiest part of any room, especially the bathroom so they need special care. Along with being cleaned at least once a week.

Linoleum/vinyl – sweep or vacuum then mop with a warm water/white vinegar mixture. You also can use your handy dandy swifter.

It is quite helpful that some vacuums come with ‘hard floor’ settings now. Use wet wipes to remove gunk from baseboards. You can find different baseboard cleaners here.

Of course, you have quite a busy life though. Have the professionals deal with this for you. They can handle that horrific bathroom!


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