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Janitorial Services, 3 Proudly Bona Fide Reasons Why to Choose Ewas

May 11, 2020


Your business is your pride and joy. You want to make sure that whatever janitorial services you request are performed exceptionally well. It becomes tiresome to replace janitorial service companies that lack professionalism, are complacent, or do not clean your business the way you require it to be.

Ewas professional cleaners have been trusted for 14 years around the Chicago land to clean homes and commercial buildings. Ewas Cleaning Service guarantees to customize your cleaning requirements to what you need and make sure to do the job right the first time; they will not leave until you are satisfied. Ewa is a business owner like you, so she understands your business must put its’ best foot forward.

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Janitorial services


  • Customized janitorial services
    • Includes frequency of services & routine maintenance activities
  • Heavy-duty floor cleaning
  • Shampooing carpeted areas and rugs
  • Scrubbing walls
  • Washing windows
  • Trash removal
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Removal of debris on sidewalks


There are different businesses, some small some bigger, so it makes sense that not all the same janitorial services will be required. Your company, no matter the size, will need different hours for Ewas Cleaning Services to come than other companies; or may request different routine cleaning/maintenance options. Ewas Cleaning Service can go once a day, once a week, there at all times, or even just for emergencies.
Some examples for single use of Ewas janitorial service is for special events, holiday parties, and moving in a new office or vice versa.

A helpful thought in order to save some money : If you have Ewas janitorial service come during open hours, you do not need to spend any extra money on keeping lights, heating, or cooling on after hours. 

An added benefit to having Ewas available whenever you need is, they will help with maintenance needs. Ewas cleaning experts will perform routine maintenance, as well as notifying management when repairs are required.

Fiix says that routine maintenance is a task that is performed on a planned and ongoing basis to clean, identify, and prevent future equipment failure. Their article provides excellent information on examples of routine maintenance and the advantages of having routine maintenance conducted.


Often times building owners and facility managers view cleaning as a cost, as mentioned in 'The Importance of Cleanliness.' Though, if you think about it, it pays for itself over time. There are three main reasons why you should choose Ewas Cleaning Service to keep your business clean.

  1. Ewas experts clean the facility to welcome and keep customers safe
  2. Ewas cleaning crew cleans your space to boost employees' performances
  3. Ewas Cleaning Service will not leave until the job is done right


No matter what business you are in, if you are the facility manager, regional manager (or assistant to the regional manager), your commercial property needs to be clean and healthy. Ewas Cleaning Service will protect your company's image by making sure it is always clean.

Appearances are notable, so Ewas will ensure your company is tidy, organized, and well presented, so your customers always feel welcomed. With the best cleaning provided to you, Ewas Cleaning Service will protect your customers' health, as well as make them want to come back to your facility in the future. 

Now with the coronavirus released into the world, it is also very crucial to have a reliable cleaning staff. Many companies are staying open, with lots of people coming in still. The virus is spreading quickly and could potentially be in your location from an unknown infected person not practicing the precautions.

This makes it of utmost importance to have a cleaning service you can trust to protect you, your customers, your employees, and your business.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has posted an article describing how workers can protect themselves against exposure. It includes other helpful information as well.

While workers work on their safety, Ewas can work on everyone elses’ safety.


The environment your workers are in can depict how their mood is and affect them physically as well. A clean workspace is not only appealing to your customers but your staff also. A clean environment promotes a safe workplace. Having a clean environment will help their morale and boost their job performance. When an employee has a safe, comfortable, clean workspace, they take more pride in their work, which makes them more productive and efficient.

Not only does it help them mentally but physically, as well. Having an unclean space can cause sickness and possibly injuries. You can prevent future call-offs and sick days due to these circumstances by having Ewas janitorial services come to your location and provide their skills.


Ewas Cleaning Service will set up a meeting with you to make sure all your expectations are met. They are very personal and professional and ensure you are getting what you want. One of the best qualities that other cleaning businesses do not have is they're going to keep their word and will not leave a job undone or you unsatisfied. A clean facility and your happiness with a job well done is always guaranteed.

Individualization is what sets Ewas cleaning professionals apart from more prominent companies.


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Have a clean, healthy work environment with Ewas commercial cleaning. This includes janitorial services, by industry, and project-based cleaning.

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Post Construction Cleaning

If you recently had renovations or other construction-related work, then these four areas are of top-concern. Ewas Cleaning Service is equipped to take on this treacherous work.

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Pre-Home-Sale Cleaning

Whether you are selling a new home or moving into a new one, Ewas Cleaning Service is at your beck and call. Their services include pre-staging, open house, showings, and closings. Likewise, for office move-ins or move-outs, Ewas cleaning crew is there for you.

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