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March 21, 2019

Professional Cleaning Service

What do you feel that you need more of in life? Time is usually one of the topmost answers, next to money and love. So why waste your time cleaning out of all the other things that you could be doing?

Do you want to have that time to relax at home catching up on your favorite shows, spend time with your family, go on a vacation, or even a stay-cation? Go and catch that White Sox game, shout at a Blackhawks game, visit the many art museums, or take a nice stroll in Chicago Riverwalk? There is so much to experience in Chicago! Do not let cleaning be what takes up your time.

Fear no more Elmwood Park, Illinois area! With so much to do and so little time, let your local cleaners, Ewas Professional Cleaning Service, be that burden lifter. Ewas professional cleaning team is the neighborhood caring friend that genuinely wants to help make all these adventures possible for you.

Ewas Professional Cleaning is Chicago’s loyal and trusted company that you can feel comfortable with to come in your home or business, clean it to impeccable standards, and leave you with a sense of ease knowing that you do not have to worry about it yourself.

I’m sure often times you come home frustrated from a long day at work, nothing went the way it was supposed to and you just want to curl up with a glass of wine. Though those pesky dust bunnies bouncing around, mile-high dirty dishes and clutter everywhere are irking at the clean freak nature inside of you.

Ewas professional cleaning company says, “WE CLEAN IT SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO.” So, why not let them? Now, you may be wondering what do they have to offer exactly, huh? Don’t worry I’ll talk a bit about each service that Ewas Professional Cleaning Service offers and tell you about who these professional cleaning experts coming in your residence are.

Ewas Professional Cleaning Services They do it all!!!

Residential Cleaning, don’t worry about your home cleaning and de-cluttering when Ewas professional cleaning crew has you covered. Go enjoy your time however you please while they take care of it for you.

Commercial Cleaning, you have your hands full with work and customers to appease to, so let Ewas professional cleaning squad appease you.

Pre-Home-Sale Cleaning, whether you are moving in or moving out you already have enough to stress about. Ewas professional cleaning team can take that stress away easily.

Happiness Guaranteed Ewas professional cleaning company cares about your health and sanity. Let them let you live your best life.



Do not stress over any cleansing task when the best solution is right in front of you. Life is too short to let cleaning be a burden for you – let Ewas professional cleaning team take it off your hands. Here is what they are able to do!

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Hoarders, relentless oven grease, smelly toilets – OH MY! Those issues are a thing of the past or soon to be at least. Ewas professional cleaning experts do not come in to simply sweep and/or vacuum with some dusting here and there. 

They go above and beyond your expectations; though dusting, sweeping, vacuuming is all performed if you desire. When you are in need of simple daily de-cluttering, biweekly room cleaning, or sophisticated homey holidays to impress – Ewas has you covered.


Our sanctuary to relax and sleep needs to be free of messes. They clean bedrooms by picking up clutter, folding up clothes and placing dirty ones in your hampers, changing linens, and vacuuming. That way you can rest easy in your clean space.

Living / Dining Room

These rooms are the most frequented, so it makes sense to want to have them cleaned. The rooms for making memories during family game nights or sitting down together to Netflix and chill. Ewas professional cleaning crew works to declutter these areas, dust, and clean floors.


One of the worst rooms to clean is the dreaded bathroom. Bathrooms, where we and others do their business is just so gross to deal with. Good thing you don’t have to. Ewas will clean toilets, bathtubs, shower-heads, walls, ceilings, and sanitize it all! Forget that grout that are lovely homes for bacteria growth. They clean this up and seal it to prevent it in the future.


Scratch that bathrooms are the most dreaded rooms to clean. Kitchens are the worse rooms to clean and one of the most important rooms to have cleaned because all those delicious meals are prepared here. No more putting in the elbow grease to get rid of caked-on foods in ovens, splattered oil along with the stove, floors, walls, and cabinets – Ewas does all that for you. De-cluttering, taking out the trash, cleaning the fridge (& everything inside!) are included – WOW, what a relief!


Are you hosting Thanksgiving or some other holiday? Ewas professional cleaning crew comes in to clean for you, so you can handle other important items on your list. Or is there a mess that is unimaginable and you just don’t know what to do? Well, Ewas professional cleaning experts know how to tackle such a task and want to help.

Ewas does whatever you need. If you want just one specific room cleaned, two rooms or ALL the rooms then consider it done.

Professional Cleaning

We live in a society where we like things to be clean. If we were to walk into a store, restaurant, basically any building providing us with services we first notice the cleanliness of the area. Do not let sub-par cleanliness be the reason customers turn away.

Janitorial Services

These services cover it ALL. Ewas will take care of the trash, glass, floors, walls, anything you can think of. Do you want the rugs shampooed? Done. Routine maintenance checks and notifications? Done. I’m sure you know with those strong winds trash and debris easily cover up sidewalks…Chicago doesn’t have the nickname of ‘Windy City’ for no reason. Ewas professional cleaning crew has you covered.

Project-Based Cleaning

With this service, if you only need a one-time cleaning or something very specific they are open to what you need and get that job done exceptionally well.

By Industry

Commercial buildings or small offices, there is NOTHING TOO BIG OR TOO LITTLE for Ewas Professional Cleaning Service. Their main goal is to make your life as easy as they can while keeping you 100% satisfied. All cleaning services are customizable. You get a meeting with the professional cleaning experts to be assured that you get exactly what you WANT. They know a commercial-sized building will have different needs than what a smaller scaled office space will need. They appear they listen, they do exactly what you request of them while exceeding your expectations.

Once a week or daily. You name it, it doesn’t matter to Ewas. Cleaning is tailored to what YOU need.


Do you need help with getting your house ‘market ready’? Ewas professional cleaning employees will work with staging professionals to make sure your house is pristine.

Ewas professionals make sure not to miss a thing. Have you ever had something you were looking for be right in front of your face yet you did not see it? They focus on all details and will not miss what we possibly would.


When selling a home, it is all about the looks. If the space is not clean and staged beautifully, then people cannot envision it as a lovely home they want to live in and raise their family. Ewas will ensure the home looks clean and fresh by working with staging pros.

Open House

Did you know during open houses you want 20 to 40% of your stuff to disappear? Makes sense right, people want to see this as their home-not yours. Ewas cleaners help to de-clutter the home. Entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms are at the center of their attention. The entryway is the first thing people see when they walk in so it must give a good first impression. Bathrooms must be cleaned to perfection because they are used by everyone and will be judged. Likewise, kitchens are highly judged. If a kitchen is cluttered it appears small or dirty then people will be off-put. Ewas will make certain that people will not go running out the door.


Usually, people stay living in their homes during the process of selling them, so everyday living can cause a messy home. You can hire Ewas to come regularly to do a quick cleanup for showings. Or if you need that heavy-duty cleaning, that can be done too. Ewas will do what you need them to.


Hurray! You just sold your home! Generally, homes are required to be cleaned before closing . . . darn. It is okay though. Before you start pulling out your hair, call Ewas to take care of this cleaning for you. This house is now in the past – focus on your move and your new home, they can handle this cleaning. Speaking of a new home, why stress about cleaning it when you have so much to unpack. Whether it’s the closing of a home or the newly purchased home, they are big deals in your life. Ewas can assist to make this all go as smoothly as possible for you by taking cleaning off your to-do list.

Are you tired of wasting time on unpacking/packing, cleaning?

Ewas professional cleaning employees are kind enough to help pack or unpack your things while they are there cleaning as well. I promise they are not too good to be true. Why do you let yourself stress over everything dealing with showing, selling, closing, and moving? You can help yourself by lightening that load by contacting Ewas Cleaning Service.


If you stress too much, you can actually become physically ill. Trust me - I have experienced it; it is no fun and not worth it. Don't put yourself through unnecessary sickness; it will only take up time you already don't have to give up.

Who is Ewas Cleaning Service?

Ewas has been trusted by many people for over 14 years! You get to know and trust the same one or two people that come to clean your space. Unless of course, they are on a vacation (we all need one every now and then). Now you may wonder why so few people?

This is to help so they are not intrusive. Also, as I said before, they are like the friendly neighbor you actually enjoy having over. They are a small enough group to not get in your way. Nor disturb your peace and since you get the same people, you can feel at ease and not have to worry about trying to explain what you want to be done over and over again.

Ewas Cleaning Service is a family-owned professional cleaning business. Now, when I think of a family-owned business, I smile and think I am getting quality service . . . wouldn’t you agree? Likewise, people often enjoy helping each other. It’s a win-win situation, you get your space cleaned with someone you can trust and they receive your business.

Ewa Stanczak is a loving hardworking mother and owner of Ewas Cleaning Service. She immigrated from Poland to Chicago and prides herself on her loyalty. Ewa is 100% COMMITTED to making everyone’s life easier by dedicating herself, her employees, her business to quality work.

You know the saying ‘actions speak louder than words?’ Ewas Cleaning Service shows this to be true. Don’t take others' words for how amazing they are, see it for yourself.

Go ahead, contact them today!

What could be better than a professional cleaning business that runs on honest hard work, with knowledgeable employees, and an enthusiastic spirit that focuses on quality – not quantity? Nothing.


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