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Restaurants are probably the highest priority for cleanliness. This is a facility that prepares food for customers to consume. So, it makes sense to need restaurant cleaning services. A study conducted by Ipsos, for P&G ProfessionalTM, found that 92% of Americans said cleanliness of businesses was a massive factor in whether they would be repeat customers.  

Think about it - you begin to eat with your eyes. Weird statement I know, but true. When you first walk into a restaurant, you look at whether the tables are clean, if cockroaches are dining with you or bathrooms have an unknown substance dripping from the ceiling (queue horror music).

If you see any of those, you are getting the heck out of dodge. If their dining room is this disgusting, you can only imagine how it is behind the scenes, in the kitchen. Your restaurant doesn’t have to be like this, though. You have cleaning businesses, like Ewas Cleaning Service, that specializes in making your facility spotless – take advantage of that.

Let’s go over why you need restaurant cleaning services and their limitations.

Restaurant cleaning services

Why Should I Get Restaurant Cleaning Services?

You have workers that can clean, so why do you need to hire an outside cleaning business? Safety and sanitation are some of the most important reasons. Your employees are there to cook, host, do dishes, wait on customers – that is a lot on their plate already, but it’s important to realize they aren’t trained professional cleaners.

Unknowledgeable Cleaners:

Your workers probably received a quick guide to cleaning the kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms. They weren’t adequately trained, and their focus is either on hurrying to clean to help customers or rushing to get home sooner – not on sanitation.

Ewas Cleaning Service has trained professionals that focus specifically on keeping your restaurant spick and span. They care about you, your business, employees, and customers. You won’t have to worry about a thing with them.

Cross-contamination. The professionals know not to use the same cleaning supplies for the bathroom in the kitchen. Or to use the same rag to wipe seats and tabletops.

Health Inspection. No need to worry about losing points on your next health inspection visit due to unsanitary practices or negligence.

Spreading of Infectious Diseases. This will no longer be of concern because Ewas stays up-to-date and knows how to kill off contagious diseases like coronavirus.

Losing Customers. You won’t lose them due to a dirty restaurant or long lines. You’ve walked into a restaurant with a long line and see some employees cleaning and think why aren’t they stopping and helping speed up this line. It’s a rock and a hard place. You want them to clean, but having to wait in extreme lines can cause hungry people to turn away. A survey found by Qminder found that 75% of customers were lost due to wait times.

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Restaurant Cleaning Services Limitations

Nothing is perfect, so some limitations could be your budget or their availability.

What are typical restaurant cleaning services prices? All cleaning businesses will differ on their pricing and will be based on what you need cleaned, how often, and size. Ewas will give you a free estimate on their restaurant cleaning services cost and work on scheduling with you.

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You know the importance of why you should hire professional cleaners, so use that knowledge. If you feel like you need more information though you can also check out:

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